24 Hour Home Health Care in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and Surrounding Areas

24 Hour Home Health Care in Palm Beach Gardens, FLYour Home provides comfort and security like no other place on earth. When you are recovering from an illness, getting well at home is sometimes the best medicine. Our professionals can give you or your loved one skilled home care in Palm Beach with all the comforts and convenience of home. All health care services are administered under a physician’s direction. At Inter-Coastal Home Health Care in Palm Beach & Surrounding cities, we understand the importance of living life to the fullest. Independence, comfort, personal dignity and privacy are just a few of the reasons so many families choose home health care in Palm Beach.

24 Hour Home Health Care You Can Trust

Home Health Aide in Palm Beach Gardens, FLOur Home Health Agency in Palm Beach provides full-service home health care to our geriatrics populations with excellence. We have professionals and licensed Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Medical Social Workers and Certified Nurse Aides (CNA) to provide utmost care to our senior patients.

Home health care is an often misunderstood concept. It is available for people of any age, individuals with terminal cancer, who are disabled or bed-ridden, have trouble keeping up with their medications, or even just need help with everyday activities such as bathing, meal preparation, and dressing.

Our Diligence: Your Peace of Mind

Inter-Coastal Home Health Care in Palm Beach has earned a stellar reputation throughout the health care industry for the quality, compassion and professionalism of service we provide home care in Palm Beach. We have all your home care needs in Palm Beach, FL covered. Whether you need a home care provider a few hours a week or around-the-clock 24-hour care. Our professional, compassionate caregivers are here to care for you. Our Palm Beach home health agency provides assistance with activities of daily living, personal care, companion care, respite care and health care in Palm Beach FL.

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My name is Alice Klein and I must let you know about a wonderful, caring, and emphatic nurse that you have on your staff. Nurse Patty, do not know he last name, has taken care of my mom and dad, who had past away in 2013, with such caring, professionalism, love, support to patient and family members that are in other states, keeping everyone informed with any developments and changes in my mom’s Helen Bernsteen’s medical and mental conditions. I feel guilty enough because I live in NY but knowing that Patty is monitoring and taking full charge of my mom’s care, is a major relief to myself. I have full confidence in her judgment and advice in handling my mom and in managing my mom’s healthcare program. She is always accessible on the phone and religiously will call me back to keep me apprised of my mom’s progress. When she is with my mom, she is extremely patient, and speaks in kind, non-threatening voice to explain and reassure my mom, who also has age dementia, that everything will be OK and that she is looking out for her. My mom had said on many occasions that Patty is like a daughter to her, which make my mom trust and feel comfortable with her advice and supervision. Patty is on top of the administering of medication that the aids are giving my mom, making use that she is not being overdosed. Patty also monitors the ordering of her medication from a mail order pharmacy. I could go on and on, letting you know of the wonderful things that Patty does for both patient and family members, but I assume that you already know them. She is truly an asset to your agency and someone that you should be proud to represent your agency. Thank you for your time and patience.

Alice Klein

Our family cannot say enough about Roberto and Intercoastal Home Health Care.  I wanted an agency where my parents could talk directly to the agency owners and managers at any time on any day – not an answering service.  Not only have we received  personalized service, but we found an agency that cares.   They are very accommodating and adept at matching the personality of the aid to the clients (my parents).  We trust their judgment and trust the people that they have sent out to my parents home.  The staff and aids are compassionate and…… are really part of the family.  I am extremely satisfied with Intercoastal.

Lori P

I have been using Intercoastal Home Health Care since 2007, to assist in the care of my Aunt and have been impressed with the care and compassion that she receives as a patient, as well as the communication, cooperation, and proactive attention to detail that I have witnessed. The staff is not only focused on her well-being, but also the improvement of her heath and her living conditions. They are responsive to her needs and my wishes. I feel they are the next best thing to family care. I have peace of mind because of the people that are with her right now. Intercoastal cares about putting the right people with the patient. I am extremely satisfied with the services I receive. I can strongly recommend Intercoastal Home Health Care to anyone searching for at-home assistance for a loved one. I have found the agency to be highly professional and competent with a true heart of kindness for both the patient and the family.”

M.T. and Family

Thank you to all the wonderful, caring people, at Intercoastal Home Health Care who, in whatever capacity, take care of my Aunt Alice.  You are all a tremendous help to her (and me) through these difficult times and you do so much.  Inasmuch, as I live in New York and my Aunt is in Florida it gives me great peace of mind to know that Intercoastal Home Health Care is taking care of her (for the past 6 years).  Your organization is great to work with.  I am always pleased with all contacts, both the aides who take care of my Aunt and all personnel.  The caregivers are careful and gentle with my aunt because they know how fragile she is. They handle her with the most care possible. They are very thoughtful and are always aware of the things that she needs. There are days that she is depressed and has no motivation and they have their ways of helping her through it. These women have gone out of their way to help me. I am not kidding when I say that they do things that go far beyond the call of duty.  They truly are the best!  I feel that I have a direct communication with your organization; if I have any concerns about a caregiver Intercoastal is always willing to work with me and make every effort to identify my needs and find a way to meet them. You always address any concerns quickly and give me updates.  Thanks to all of you, each and every one, that has been a part of our family for the last 6 years!”

Margie T. New York, NY