Skilled Nursing and Home Health Aide in Pompano Beach and Boca Raton

Posted on: June 6th, 2014

Does Your Medical Insurance Cover For Skilled Nursing?

What is skilled nursing?

The term is used to refer to those people who are specially trained as to be able to provide those in need with specialized medical care. This kind of care includes, for example, administering intra-venous injections or offering physical therapy. Care that does not require special training is not included in the skilled nursing category (for example feeding or washing a patient).

Does Medicare cover for skilled nursing?

If you require skilled nursing services that are provided in a facility, you have the right to receive 100 days of care. This limit is available for those patients who meet the Medicare conditions.

Finding skilled nursing centers in your area

If you live in West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, Parkland, Palm Beach Gardens then you might want to know the places in your area where you can benefit from skilled nursing. Here is how to find them:

  • First off, inquire whether or not the hospital in your area or your town benefits from skilled nursing facilities, also known as SNF
  • Alternatively, you can have a look on the website – there are all the nursing homes in your area, ordered in a list; the list also provides contact details for every center, so you can either call them, visit them or send them an email
  • Another possibility is to call your local social service and ask them to help you find a SNF
  • While at the hospital, you can ask for your family doctor or the hopsital’s discharge planner to help you identify a suitable SNF for you
  • Once you found the SNF in your area you have to determine the quality of care you would receive at a specified center
  • In order to decide upon the best SNF center for you it is advised that you visit all SNFs that you are interested in
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